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Bears in Brooks Falls Alaska
Balkans Romania Bulgaria
Sweden, Finland
Costa Rica
Montana & Yellowstone NP
Sacred Valley, Titicaca, Boliva
Costa Rica
Swimming with Whale Sharks in  Mexico
Woodstock Vermont Astrophotgraphy
7-Mile Bridge Run and Keys
Atacama Desert Chile
Lassen, Lava Beds, Shasta, San Fran
Michigan, UP & Great Lakes
Kayaking the Everglades
Texas Nex Mexico and Mexico
Acaida NP Sky Festival
2018 Joshua Tree & Death Valley CA
2017 Patagonia
2017 Alaska
2016 Florida
2016 Alaska
2016 Canada
2015 Mammoth
2015 Hawaii
2014 Glacier
2013 Yosemite
2012 Washington & Oregon
2011 SC & GA
2010 Yellowstone & Grand Teton
2010 Bermuda
20U9 Utah
20U8 New Mexico
20U8 Chicago
20U8 St Lucia
20U8 St Lucia
20U7 Utah
20U7 Finger Lakes
20U7 Death Valley
2006 Oregon Washington
2006 Long Island Wine Coountry
2006 Death Valley & Joshua Tree
2005 Iceland
2004 Hawaii
2004 Yakima
2002 Belize
1999 Niagara Falls
1998 Mexico
1998 FL Keys
1994 Arizona
1985 Glouster MA
1976 - 1979 Africa & Europe

Favorites, Astrophotography,Wine Nerdery, Bird Watching, National Parks and Peace Corps Oral History Interviews

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* Interersting as in not St Augustine, quick trips to the Carribean, Vegas, etc.